All That She Wants
-Ace of BaseThe next song on my biographical playlist is Ace of Base’s “All That She Wants.” from the early 1990s. This song is more of a place marker and the last good memory I have before the major event that caused my trauma hit. Sure there was other stuff going on before the major event but this was before all that.
This is on here because me and the few friends I had in elementary school would sing this on the bus as it played over the radio on the way to school. I was a happy, relatively normal child at that point. This would be the last time that would be so.

Therapy today!

My Therapist: Who do you think it would affect if you died?
(After a few comments)
Me: That’s just about it.
My Therapist: What about me?
Me: you’d have a free 2pm slot open for a new client
My Therapist: Do you think that’s all you mean to me?
Me: It’s all I mean to me, so why should I mean more to you?
My Therapist: wow…

Anakin’s Theme- John Williams
Star Wars Episode I “The Phantom Menace”

This piece represents my birth and the problems that followed. I spent the first 6 months of my life in the hospital with a life threatening medical problem. It took three surgeries and a lot of luck (if you can call it that) to pull me out of this. I survived. I am one of the first in the country if not the world to have survived the procedure.
The other part of this piece is tone of it and how it changes. It starts out sweet, happy, as every child’s life should be. When I was born I had the same chance to be happy and live a normal life as everyone else did, but as the ominous foreshadowing music at the end might suggest my life has done anything but that. Even the photo of Anakin with the shadow of Vader suggest a dark future. This is what I would endure.
I think this piece fits perfectly.

This is the beginning of a new thing I’m going to be posting on Tumblr. I’m going to take every song on my biographical playlist on Itunes and “Unpack” it. I’m going to explain why it’s on there and what the significance is. Some of these will be more in depth than others, some will be silly, some will be REALLY depressing. Such is my life… One big depressing Joke. :P

Today I’ll start at the beginning. Seems like a good place to start, right?
The first piece is K626- Mozart’s Requiem the Lacrimosa movement. Everything about this piece from its history to the tone it sets is important. I put this on my list to set the tone of my life. Tragedy. Mozart died in the middle of writing this, it was an unfinished piece and was finished by someone else.
The key is d minor considered by classical musicians to be the “Darkest Key” and I think it fits the beginning of my life perfectly.